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I found this question on Yahoo answers and though that the replies contributed valuable insight.

Some people say you have to let the air get in and others say you have to close it up in order for the heat to build up which hastens decomposition. Who is right?

Also looking for ideas on *how to do a home made compost bin.

  • Steps in creating good compost.
  • how to attract worms
  • can I use chopped up twigs
  • should I mix soil in with the compost to hasten decomposition.

Here’s a site that provides some good comprehensive information on the topic…

Read through the comments on this post. The authors of the comments offer some great compost how to for the garden composter.

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  1. raymondo C:

    Any thing and every thing goes into the compost bin, layed with soil and kept wet, fill your bin and wait 6 months, the worms will find it. I keep the bin open to collect rain but keep soil (wet) on top, you need 2 bins one to fill and one to start.
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  2. rowanflower:

    You should only use chopped up twigs and other 'brown' matter if it's mixed in with softer 'green' material like grass cuttings, otherwise it takes too long to break down. Mixing in soil encourages worms and speeds things up, as does adding an accelorator like garrotta, or urine, as accelorators have a similar chemical composition to dried urine.
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  3. TreeHugger:

    I can tell you how I do it. I keep it simple.
    I dig a shallow hole in my garden and start filling. I add vege. matter, coffee grounds etc. Now and then if I have a potted plant that doesn't make it I throw it in. I use straw and a tarp or black weed cloth to cover it. If I am watering, I add water. It isn't the fastest way to compost but it is easy and convenient. At the end of the year I start a new one in a different spot. I have a ring of chicken wire to keep it from flowing over that I just move to the new spot. When I feel the last pile has composted enough and the tom. or squash I have planted around it is done, I spread it out around the area.
    I have attracted the best worms and watched them grow fat with newspaper. Only use the print pages, no colored paged or glossy adds. I put down a thick layer of newspaper where I want to control weeds and grass. I get better water retention between rows, less weeds and grass, and it also regulates temperature of the soil. I cover that with straw. As the newspaper composts down the worms feast. The following year I dig it under or you can just leave it. Any leftover newspaper can be another layer in your compost.
    Twigs are fantastic, especially chopped up.
    Add your compost in layers. No mixing of anything. The layer of straw, newspaper, or whatever needs to lay on top until you spread it.
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  4. Connie G:

    You need both air and heat to get that compost cooking. For instance we use a tin trashcan that we placed holes in along the side. We keep the lid on it during the summer but with the monsoons here we took the lid off so that the water gets in.

    We check the bin daily and poke around in it, turning over the newer stuff in with the old.

    You can use chopped up twigs, leaves, grass, dead weeds that haven't gone to seed yet, household food scraps, coffee grinds, carrot and potato peel…anything organic works.

    But don't forget to check the pile for its heat and water content.

    Worms love coffee grinds.

    Old soil is a good thing to add to give the mixture a quick start.
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    Master Gardener

  5. meanolmaw:

    great info here…

    you can make this easy or more complicated…. a pile in the back corner is easy…. a tub, 'machine' , or other container is not as easy…. the whole deal is to do it!!….

    there's piles that are turned a couple times a week… some daily in barrels… some never get turned at all… some are done with everything under the sun, some with only leaves and grass…. and yes, soil is a good kickerupper!… the worms will find YOU…..

    the magic recipe is greens plus browns plus water plus air…. that makes it cook!…

    read the site and you'll be ready to do it!!!….
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