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Monday, February 19, 2018

Go Green with Composting

Posted by admin on June 15, 2011

Go Green with CompostingThis book discusses the proper way to set up a compost pile.
Contents Include:
Article 1: What is Composting?
Article 2: Misconceptions Surrounding Composting
Article 3: Compost Smells: This and Other Composting Myths
Article 4: To Compost or Not to Compost
Article 5: The Benefits of Composting
Article 6: How to Succeed with Your Composting Venture
Article 7: Creative Composting
Article 8: Materials Needed to Start Composting
Article 9: A Review of the Steps to Successful Composting
Article 10: Composting Precautions
Article 11: Getting to Know Your Composting Equipment
Article 12: The Low-down on Home Based Composting Processes
Article 13: The Dirt Paybacks: Advantages of Composting
Article 14: The Best Place for Your Composting Bin
Article 15: Building Your Own Compost Bin
Article 16: How to Choose a Composting Container
Article 17: Different Types of Composting
Article 18: The Greens and Browns of Composting
Article 19: The Best Food for Your Compost Bin
Article 20: Non-edible Composting Items
Article 21: Store-bought Fertilizer Versus Mature Compost
Article 22: Worms for Vermicomposting
Article 23: Wriggly Friends Help Make Compost
Article 24: What Not To Compost
Article 25: Seasonal Considerations for Composting
Article 26: Maintaining a Compost Heap
Article 27: Ongoing Care for Your Compost Pile
Article 28: Composting Problems
Article 29: If Your Compost Pile Won’t Heat Up
Article 30: Common Uses for Finished Compost

Price: $2.99

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