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Friday, February 23, 2018

How To Start And Maintain A Compost Pile

Posted by admin on June 12, 2011

How To Start And Maintain A Compost PileIn today’s world, the idea of recycling is becoming less of an option, and more of a necessity. ¬†With landfills filling to capacity and the cost of removing and transporting waste going through the roof, having your own compost pile is a great way to reduce your costs while doing your part to minimize the landfill problems.

Learn all that you will need to know to do your part with the burden of waste while keeping up with mandatory recycling requirements.

Table of Contents Includes:

  • Recycling: How To Start And Maintain A Compost Pile
  • Getting The Most Out Of Your Compost
  • Common Uses For Finished Compost
  • If Your Compost Pile Won’t Heat Up
  • Making Compost: Getting Your Hands Dirty
  • Making Your Uwn Compost Bin
  • Maintaining A Compost Heap
  • Compost Smells: This And Other Composting Myths
  • Building Your Own Compost Bin
  • To Compost Or Not To Compost
  • What Not To Compost
  • The Best Food For Your Compost Bin
  • When Will Your Compost Be Ready
  • Wriggly Friends Help Make Compost
  • Store-bought Fertilizer Versus Mature Compost
  • Who Should Compost?
  • Ongoing Care For Your Compost Pile

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