Achla CMP-05 Spinning Horizontal Composter

Achla CMP-05 Spinning Horizontal ComposterSpinning Horizontal Composter Recycle Your Yard and Kitchen Waste The Spinning Horizontal Composter makes recycling your kitchen and yard waste easy. Just dump it in, roll it, and forget it. In a few short weeks, you will have a nutrient rich compost to boost your garden. Special Features Made from recycled plastic Seven cubic feet capacity Minimizes landfill waste Rodent proof Easy access sliding door Mixing fins break up clumps Turn kitchen and yard waste into fertilizer Natural gas which is typically used to make fertilizers Dimensions: 38″ H x 29-31″ W x 29-31″ D Low Price Guarantee Achla Designs, a Garden Accessories company, emphasizes unique, hand forged, wrought iron, European furnishings for the home and garden. Items range from small hooks and brackets to large pavilions and arbors. They also offer birdbaths, birding & garden pole systems, trellises, statuary, composting products, and wood and metal furniture. In 2004, Achla Designs introduced the Williamsburg Collection, offering reproductions as well as 17th and 18th century inspired designs for the contemporary home. Achla Designs continues to add beautiful and unique items year after year, resulting in an unusually large product line.

Price: $179.99

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