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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Compost Tumbler Advantages and Drawbacks

Posted by admin on September 19, 2010

Compost tumblers are my favorite method of composting.  They only use a small amount of space, they keep the critters out of the compost, and they do the job quicker.

Unfortunately, they have a rather limited capacity so if you have a large amount of compost, you will need to combine the compost tumbler with a compost bin or pile to stage your waste materials for later use.

This video describes some of the advantages and disadvantages of the compost tumbler.

Compost Tumbler: Advantages and Disadvantages

You can purchase a great compost tumbler for anywhere from about $100 on up. If don’t thing of yourself as a real handyman, that is probably the way to go. The compost tumblers that you can purchase are very attractive and most of them work very well.

If you prefer to build your own, you can save some money. If you are a resourceful person, you can build one for as little as…maybe…$10 or less. If you use scrap materials to build your compost tumbler, you are likely to have something that isn’t as attractive as the compost tumblers that you can purchase, but if that isn’t important, go for it.

Here’s a real good description for how to build a compost tumbler.

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