Envirocycle Composter – Compost Tumbler

Envirocycle Composter - Compost TumblerThe Envirocycle Composter produces quality compost and compost tea quickly and easily. This compost tumbler is a user friendly composter that eliminates mess and odor, and is very compact. This is one of the very best of all composters for those who have limited space.

The Envirocycle compost tumbler simplifies composting with it’s rolling and mixing action. This composter is specifically designed to simplify the recycling of kitchen and garden refuse. It produces quality compost more quickly and easily than conventional composters by its rolling and mixing action which keeps the ingredients well mixed and aerated.

This compost tumbler also makes rich compost tea to feed your plants. Compost tea is a rich organic liquid plant food appreciated by gardeners everywhere. Use it on your house plants, outdoor plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, garden and lawn to help them grow and grow.

The Envirocycle Composter comes in a choice of black or green.

Envirocycle Composter Features

  • Compact, durable and user friendly
  • Aeration occurs through small openings in the drum
  • Lockable lid prevents access to the compost by small animals
  • The drum is indented for easy gripping and rolling
  • The base is able to collect up to 5 gallons of liquid fertilizer or compost teaOption of direct drainage

The Envirocycle Composter Compost Tea maker allows for year round composting. It’s perfect for today’s lifestyle and works well on a balcony, in a garage or in the garden. Size H 30. 5″ x W 25. 5″ x D 20. 25″ Weight 19 lbs Holds 7 cubic feet of compost Base Holds 5 gallons of compost


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  1. SN:

    Hi, if you are looking for a good quality composter – you can also find out where the Earth Machine composters are sold at a subsidized prices by local municipalities by calling the county/city. See for the complete list of counties/cities – http://www.earthmachine.com/municipal/home_composting_programs.html#top. All you need to to do is call the environmental dept of the county or teh public works dept of the county and ask if earth machine composter can be purchased. Just bought composter and the wing digger compost aerator for $35 at Kendall county env dept in Illinois. They have 15 more in stock as of Dec 2011. Good luck!

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