Jora Compost Tumbler 33 Gallon

Jora Compost Tumbler 33 Gallon


Designed in Sweden this tumbling composter features easy rotation, dual compartments, insulating properties, and a rodent-proof design.Dual Compartments allows for one compartment to be used for new waste while the other matures. Individual doors make for easy dumping of mature compost while new waste is contained. Insulation provides higher temperatures for the quickest composting. Waste breaks down before rotting, which attracts vermin and flies. Higher temperatures allows for composting straight through winter. Insulated rotating drum provides even heat distribution and keeps the break down process active for all material in the composter. Produces new compost in as little as 6-8 weeks. Specially suited to compost kitchen waste. Composter can be wall mounted or placed on stand. Since composter is sited off ground rodents have no possibility to access waste.

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