Why Use a Compost Tumbler?

Once you get started with using a compost tumbler, you will probably find that two units will work much better than one because once you have a batch started you will want to allow it to complete its process before adding any more raw material to it. By having two units, you have the option of adding raw material to the second one while the first one is finishing its cycle. It will also allow you to make compost in a shorter time as little as two weeks under some conditions! Some of the compost tumblers on the market have two sides, which is basically two in one, that allow you to do this.

It’s a lot less work

It’s a lot less work than turning compost piles with a pitchfork, I can tell you from experience. Compost tumblers are way ahead of compost bins or piles, in terms of efficiency. The most important ingredient for creating good compost is oxygen, and when you have a stagnant pile you can’t easily get oxygen into the middle of it. Sure you can turn it, maybe using a pitchfork, maybe using a compost turning gizmo, but quite frankly it can be really hard. When I compost I compost kitchen scraps, leaves, weeds, spent flower stalks, and bush clippings. Some of those things can be a little rigid and deep inside the pile they end up tangled together and they do not want to budge.

It’s becoming mandatory!

No kidding, there are some cities that are now issuing fines for households that don’t compost their kitchen and yard waste. In October 2009 a new city ordinance in San Francisco took affect that mandated people either compost at home using a compost bin or compost tumbler, separate their compostables out of their trash into a separate recycling bin, or face fines. Fines for individuals start at $100, fines for businesses start at $500.

Doing our part

By composting, we are setting a good example, for sure. While it may still seem odd to some people, once it becomes commonplace, more people will be inclined to begin a composting program for their household or business. By actually visualizing the amount of carbon dioxide saved from entering our atmosphere, and doing the math for what it would be like to have 300 million people doing this, we can see just how worthwhile it is for everyone to do their part in reducing energy use and reducing greenhouse gas production. Imagine 6000 garbage trucks, all billowing black smoke into the air, hauling our organic waste to the landfill, while we go and purchase yet another bag of industrially produced lawn fertilizer. Now imagine no garbage trucks, and no black smoke billowing into the air, and the compost tumbler quietly doing its part in making our yard and garden lush and green. See the difference?

Hal Merrill,


Finding ways to save the planet.

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