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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Compost Bin Composting: A How To

Posted by admin on September 21, 2010

The nature of gardening is such that the best care should be given to pot plants or garden plants. Growing a garden and taking care of vegetation is somehow like raising your own child; the right attention, love and care ought to be present for healthy growth. Compost bin composting allows the gardening enthusiasts to do just that: love and care for you garden and compost.

Compost bin composting is when you use a bin to make your compost out of either manure or scraps. This is very unlike the conventional method that entailed digging a deep hole in the ground and filling it up with dead and live plant matter. And much cleaner; and I guess, can make your garden or lawn look that much more decorative and pleasing.

What you do is take compost bin and set it outside in the sun. The holes in the side of the compost bin are for oxygen to circulate freely since the microorganisms that breakdown plant matter need it to survive. Another reason is for water to trickle out slowly enough to promote decay.

After having done this you can begin filling the compost bin with dead and live plant matter in equal proportions. Anything like mowed grass; leaves from tree branches and even twigs. Put a lid over it and leave the manure in the sun and wait for decomposition to start.

Every once in a while you should turn the compost around so that it remains aerated and oxygenated. When there is inadequate moisture- perhaps a rain barrel could be in your future as well – fill it with water some more. After a month your compost should be ready for harvesting.

If you’re using a compost bin that is not made of plastic, make sure it is hoisted on a wooden stand so that it does not rust.

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