The Right Way to Compost

There is a right way to compost, and there’s a better way to compost.  The only wrong way to compost is to not do it at all.

I, too, was as guilty as many other gardeners who have wasted time and the benefit of compost in the garden by getting hung up on silly details. Questions like, “Should I use a tumbler, a bin, or just make a pile?”  “What should I put into the compost?”  “How much time and effort will it take to make decent compost?”

Think about it for awhile.  The materials that fall to the forest floor will even break themselves down in time.  It doesn’t require any special handling or human effort.  Your pile will do the same, if you just get started.

Before I would consider composting, I needed a good reason.  There are many reasons to compost.

  • Composting reduce the quantity of material going to landfills, thereby reducing methane and carbon dioxide production that occurs there.
  • Compost is a great source of nutrients for your plants.  It’s better than raw manure and carries a better range of nutrients than chemical fertilizers.
  • Experience increased biological activity in your soil which improves nutrient cycling and improves plant health.
  • Adding compost to your soil helps to hold moisture and reduce runoff.
  • Compost is free (or at least cheaper to acquire) than chemical fertilizers.

Finally, the reason that compelled me to begin composting:

It’s a heck of a lot easier to throw my yard waste into a pile than it is to haul all of it to the landfill.

But, you need to go to Rod Turner to find a better way to compost.  He is the expert on the right way to compost.  If you’re interested in making the world’s best compost, get his book, read it, and follow his simple directions for making the finest plant nutrition you can get.

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