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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Your most frequently asked questions about Compost

Posted by admin on September 27, 2010

This page frequently asked questions (FAQs) are here for you!

If you have a question about composting or are here to offer up some tips, this page FAQ is here for you.

Built for three reasons:

1. in order to give you answers to your most frequently asked questions about composting.

2. in order to provide you with a means of asking any question related to composting can have on your mind.

3. in order to provide a page to talk with one another, share your experiences and composting answer questions each other.

We would love for you to think that we have the answers to all your questions, but we rather composting humble to know that we are there so many States more knowledge we compost friend breed, that we could never take credit for all the wonderful information provided on this site.


Together, we share our message about the fascinating world of composting.

1. What is Composting? Composting takes part as microbes in order to help speed up the breakdown of organic waste, creating an ideal environment for these microbes, including moisture content, temperature and oxygen content that encourages people to grow and Digest waste faster … read more

You have a question about composting, request using this form.


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