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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Exaco Trading EARTH Earthmaker 120-Gallon Three Stage Aerobic Composter

Posted by admin on June 18, 2011

Exaco Trading EARTH Earthmaker 120-Gallon Three Stage Aerobic ComposterEarthmaker 3 – stage Compost Bin turns trash into treasure! Dumping yard refuse and food scraps in the trash not only wastes landfill space, it’s a waste of money too! Don’t believe me? Well, think about how much you spend on lawncare services or products every year. Sending organic waste to the dump means you’re literally throwing out valuable nutrients you COULD be using to keep your yard and garden beautiful while also keeping money in your pocket. In fact, studies show that almost half of each trash bag you produce could be made into compost. So, why waste money AND pollute the air by having your waste transported elsewhere? The Earthmaker is a great way to go green AND save green! So how does it work? Simple. Earthmaker’s patented three-stage process uses traditional three-bin composting, but stacked vertically so gravity does the hard work! A continuous cycle process keeps new material away from older material. Food and garden waste can be added at any time. Mature mulch or compost can be removed when convenient. And the push-pull tool makes it easy to mix and move material through the process without straining your back with heavy lifting and turning. It’s basically like having 3 compost bins in one unit! More: 123 gallon capacity; Once the unit is working, Earthmaker can produce up to 10 gallons of compost each month; Swiveling lid keeps animals out; Made of durable polypropylene; Material aerates as it falls down the chambers, decomposing rather than rotting; Reduces smells, flies and greenhouse gases; Easy assembly! Clicks together with no tools; Measures 47 x 30″ w., weighs 36 lbs. Compost the easy way and order your Earthmaker today! Earthmaker 3-stage Compost Bin

Price: $199.99

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