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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

What Did You Do With Your Leaves?

Posted by admin on December 15, 2008

The theory is that the dried leaves that have fallen from your trees are difficult to compost. There are two easy solutions to that problem.

  1. Mulch them before you put them into the composter.
  2. Add nitrogen rich materials along with the leaves that you put into your composter.

Mulching your leaves can be as simple as running over them with a lawnmower. In fact, using a mower with a grass catcher even saves the time of having to rake them into a pile. That should be appealing to anyone who is as lazy as me.

According to Greg at Reduce Pollution Tips, mixing in one part manure to five parts leaves helpx them break down quicker. He also recommends other nitrogen rich sources such as bone meal, dried blood, or cottonseed.

I don’t readily know of a source for those materials, and furthermore, the thought of hauling and handling cow poop doesn’t have a strong appeal to me. I think I’ll stick to the one handy nitrogen source that is in heavy supply for me – namely, grass clippings and kitchen waste. I’m sure manure would greatly speed the process, but I’m way more into convenience.

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