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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Pet Poo Composting Supplies

Posted by admin on October 24, 2010

Doggie Dooley 3800 Deluxe Leach-Bed-Style Toilet

Doggie Dooley 3800 Deluxe Leach-Bed-Style ToiletKeep lawns and play areas clean and sanitary with the Deluxe Doggie Dooley Toilet. Simply install in the ground, drop in dog waste, and occasionally add Digester Powder and water for continuous break down of waste. The environmentally friendly Doggie Dooley Toilet is harmless to lawns, pets and shrubs and has the capacity to handle the waste of 2 large or 4 small dogs. Works like a home septic system by using Enzyme and Bacteria action to turn waste into a ground absorbed liquid. Ideal for most soil conditions except hard clay (works well in sandy soil too). Molded of durable plastic, features an open-bottom to create a waste leach field. Excellent outdoor life, will not rust or corrode. Each unit comes with a 6 month supply of Digester Powder and has a step on lid opener. Individually boxed, suitable for shipping. Requires some easy assembly. Our largest unit!

Doggie Dooley Waste Terminator Powder

Doggie Dooley Waste Terminator PowderDoggie Dooley Waste Terminator Powder contain the stool digester enzymes for Doggie Dooley waste systems. This is a live enzyme digester that dissolves stools into a liquid.
Directions:for the 3500 and 3800 to start up a new or dormant toilet, mix 2 Tbs with 5 gallons of water and pour over the stools. Thereafter add 1 Tbs per week per dog. For model numbers 2000 and 3000 to start up a new or dormant unit, fill the unit with water and mix in 2 Tbs of digester powder. Thereafter add 1 Tbs per week. For the old 900 Doggie Dooley follow the directions for the 3500 Doggie Dooley Toilet. 180 g size. For best results with all units, mix the digester powder with water before pouring into the unit.

Red Wiggler Composting Worms

Red Wiggler Composting WormsRed Wigglers are tough and hardy. Adaptable to many environments, Redworms have been breaking down organic waste to make natural fertilizer for millions of years. They also aid in the breaking down of pathogens. These worms are prolific breeders, laying one egg capsule as often as every seven days. Each worm capsule will hatch an average of 3 to 4 earthworms. The hatched earthworms will grow into breeders in about three months. They are very popular live bait for fish that prefer small baits, such as trout, bluegill, perch or crappie. Red Wigglers are easy to use as bait, easily surviving in temperatures between 38 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

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