Fungus Gnats in Worm Compost

I haven’t experienced a problem with fungus gnats in my worm compost, before, or at least, if I did have them, I mistook them for fruit flies.  Anyway, I understand that fungus gnat infestation can be a fairly common problem around worm compost. 

I’ll be sure to watch more closely to see if they come around my place.  The last thing I need is to bring more pests into my garden through my Garden Composter.

This post in the Red Worm Composting blog gives some clever methods of ridding yourself of those pesky creatures.

Be sure to watch the videos in the post, too.

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  1. guest2424:

    I am doing this to …
    I am doing this to learn.

  2. micahtv:

    If the problem gets …
    If the problem gets worse put a small dish of wine or apple cider vinegar they’ll be attracted to it and drown.
    I would put about 2″ of sand on top so they can’t breed…. they thrive in warm, moist places.

  3. guest2424:

    lol, i could do an …
    lol, i could do an update, i took that stuff out, but i found how to solve the problem, all i need is bigger bins, their too shallow, because fungus gnats live in up the the top 2 inches of the medium, therefore, if the home is only 2 inches deep total, they can live in 100% of it, however, if it is say, 12″ deep, than they cant get to the 10″ at the bottom, so you just dont put any food in the top 2-4 inches (to be safe) and the gnats have no food and can not live.

  4. guest2424:

    I am constantly …
    I am constantly changing it, improving, i have 3 separate composting boxes now. I took out that jar of stuff. planted birdseed and cut it down.

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