How to Make a Worm Compost

A kid did this video for his science project. He seems like such a fun and humorous young lad. :)

If you’ve ever wondered how to make a worm compost, after watching this, you’ll know. It’s a short little video, but quickly demonstrates the simple steps to set up a worm compost.

Duration : 0:4:1

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  1. shreko77:




  2. muggyruggy:

    they will if they …
    they will if they can get into the compost container…like if it were a heap of compost on the ground in a bin or something.

  3. tresfinas:

    Great movie but the …
    Great movie but the music was annoying!

  4. kimmarie801:

    very nice- good job
    very nice- good job

  5. Cierra1985:

    LOL, ultra kaiwaii!
    LOL, ultra kaiwaii!

  6. cannondahler:

    Umm…those are …
    Umm…those are either the biggest redworms I’ve ever seen, or they were nightcrawlers, which wouldn’t do at all well in bin like that…or that’s what I’ve read, anyway. How did that setup work for you?

  7. megaman5516:

    ur rly good.
    ur rly good.

  8. Bushdoctor68:

    Hey Mr FrozenMelon …
    Hey Mr FrozenMelon sir, this video was posted about a year ago. That worm-poop should be well done by now. Where’s the follow-up video? ;)

  9. curiousgeorge555:




  10. fishinatorXD:

    haha, lol
    haha, lol

  11. benchkid2:

    They won’t die that …
    They won’t die that fast, i know what you’re talking about cause ive been fishing. Once they start to turn dark blueish, then they’re dead. If they’re still moving call an exorcist.

  12. islandmamma:

    won’t worms …
    won’t worms naturally go into a compost?

  13. Speezerina:

    Very clear …
    Very clear instruction. Nice! :-)

  14. pattyloof:

    He’s so cute!

    This …
    He’s so cute!

    This actually *showed* what to do and in what order, which is more than a lot of these worm videos do …

    I agree the music was too loud, but I could still hear most of what he was saying. Good job kiddo!

  15. nomaughlimbaugh:

    Thanks! helpful …
    Thanks! helpful video presentation, except someone should have UNPLUGGED that music stuff … completely drowns out the audio .. would like a non-music accompanied version, if you can.

  16. 1ebric:

    I have acarus, or …
    I have acarus, or mites, in my worm bin.
    They donĀ“t hurt the worms, I think, but they eat the food.
    Do I have to get rid of them? How?
    Thanks 4 your answers

  17. secretspy44:

    YES SIR MR SIR! Seriously… those are great suggestions… but I’m sure it will work out fine in the end. Just needs to mix together some. (Its not like its air tight, he didnt add THAT much water, and worms survive in worse conditions) Chill out.

  18. magicsnail101:

    Keep it up buddy!
    Keep it up buddy!

  19. myscraper:

    Good enthusiasm bad …
    Good enthusiasm bad video on how to make a worm bin.

  20. fishinatorXD:

    please don’t go all …
    please don’t go all rspca on me but sometimes when i go fishing i leave the worms in the water ( the ones on my hook) in the water for about half an hour and take them out when i go and they still seem to be riggling around, or is that just there nerves?

  21. Azathoth43:

    I’m sure he will …
    I’m sure he will learn by doing.
    It’s great to see young people working on this kind of project and I applaud him.
    good work little dude!!

  22. blacque1020:

    i would like to …
    i would like to comment on your incorrect worm bin. First your paper was too small. second you use too much water. third u use too much food. u need to chop the food up into smaller pieces. There were no air holes,for the worms to breath. Thank you and may u please do ur worm bin over.
    Student of environmental science!

  23. qin02:

    haha he making a …
    haha he making a milkshake?

    i be very suprised if the worms are still all alive.

  24. aviewfromthewall:

    LOL! “We take the …
    LOL! “We take the hose out!” Good idea that! Interesting video. Enjoyed it!

  25. damanwidtheplan:

    wanna see the end …
    wanna see the end result

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